What is CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, is a direct marketing model that reconnects people with the local farms producing their food. Members pay an annual fee before the growing season to help meet the farm’s early season expenses. The farm then provides it’s share holders fresh, diverse and seasonal produce for a specific amount of time during the farm season. The members with the traditional style of CSA pick up their share of freshly picked produce once a week at the farm. Each week the selection varies according to our harvest. Members of the newer Market style model of CSA chose when, what and how much produce they pick up directly from the farm or at our farmers' markets. 

Community Supported Agriculture is thought to have started as a form of direct farm marketing in the United States during the mid-1980s. The concept was initiated by farmers in New England who were seeking to produce high-quality, local, primarily organic produce; to reduce their financial hardships before the harvest season; and to ultimately build a greater sense of food community. The CSA marketing method caught on in the 1990s and spread widely as farms across the country sought new direct marketing models for fresh produce and other farm products.  Ideally, the CSA model builds community and personal connections around food.

We offer a newer style of CSA we call our Market Share which provides more options to better suit our customers needs.

What is a Market Share?

The market share CSA is similar to the regular weekly CSA in that it requires an upfront investment in the production of the farm.  This helps us, the farmers, pay for all the expenses that go into growing organic, fresh, and healthy food. This model offers more flexibility; the market share members get to choose what they want and when they want it.  So instead of coming to the farm for your weekly distribution of what we select, members come and shop at our farm stand or any of the seven farmers markets we attend each week and use their available credit.  Choose from one of the following market share options:

The Sprout - $100 market share (plus a 5% bonus - a $5 value)

The Transplant - $250 market share (plus a 10% bonus - a $25 value)

The Harvest -$500 market share (plus a 15% bonus - a $75 value!)

Your market share credit will be available for one year after purchase date.

Market shares can be used toward meats and eggs too.

Consider purchasing a market share for yourself or as a gift for a friend or loved one!


Or join our traditional style of CSA and let us choose for you what vegetables you take home each week. Pick up is every Wednesday, July 18th through November 15th.  That's 18 weeks of Organic, fresh and delicious veggies for $450.  

Consider joining our CSA with weekly pick ups at the farm.